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Uneventful weather continues into the weekend

Clear skies and clear roads continue after severe weather but suspicious clouds return Monday


Clear skies are expected Friday with minor cloud activity in the high altitudes, with uneventful weather expected to last into the weekend as temperatures rise gradually, but it all stops Monday when mostly cloudy skies creep back into the picture.

A high pressure system continues to affect Cyprus, with mostly clear skies expected in the daytime Friday along with scattered clouds at high altitudes from time to time.

Police have not issued any warning regarding road conditions as of Friday morning.

Temperature highs will reach 21 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast, while it will be around 11 high up in the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with high chances of very strong winds expected from the east. Temperature lows will drop to 9 degrees inland, around 12 in coastal regions, while it will be 6 degrees higher up.

Weekend weather will remain uneventful with mostly clear skies and temperatures continuing to rise gradually, but that stops on Monday when it will be mostly cloudy with formations both at high and medium altitudes.

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