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The three cases with the Omicron variant are minors

Tested negative on their first PCR

Andreas Kokkinos

As confirmed by the Ministry of Health, three positive cases have been identified in Cyprus, all of which have been infected with the omicron strain of the coronavirus.  The incidents are connected to travels abroad, and according to information provided to Kathimerini, they are minors from the Limassol area.

Upon their return to Cyprus, they underwent - as required- a PCR test and until the result was issued, they remained under quarantine at their respective homes.  The results of all their PCR tests were negative, and after receiving the "release" alert, they circulated around their community, only realizing that they needed to re-test 5 days later when their first symptoms appeared.

After a new molecular test, they were found to be positive.  A more detailed examination by the Institute of Neurology showed that it was indeed the "Omicron" mutation.

The three individuals were placed in quarantine immediately and health officials are racing against the clock to find their close contacts and isolate them from the community, in order to curb the spread of the new variant in Cyprus.

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