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Unruly teens cause mayhem in Limassol

Limassol cops step up efforts to combat juvenile delinquency ahead of Holy Week


A male teenager was arrested during an overnight operation in Limassol, where juveniles were lighting fires and throwing rocks at the police.

Cops went out to patrol select areas in Limassol district on Thursday night, between 8pm and 4am Friday morning, in an effort to combat juvenile delinquency which goes up every year just before Easter.

Three 17-year-old males were arrested after a number of juvenile delinquents were spotted in Mesa Geitonia. Reports said teenagers lit an illegal bonfire without a city permit and upon seeing the officers they started throwing rocks, causing damage at the front of the patrol vehicle.

Teenagers take part in illegal activities during Easter holidays, with bonfires in churchyards and fireworks in residential areas

Another 17-year-old male was detained and arrested on public loitering charges during an inspection at the Agia Paraskevi church in Episkopi.

According to a police report, another arrest took place in a church parking lot of Apostolos Loukas in Kolossi, where cops confiscated 0.6 grams of cannabis and detained the driver of a car. His two passengers were also detained for questioning but cops did not find anything suspicious that would warrant their detention.

Many teenagers all over the Republic of Cyprus participate in illegal activities during the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, with lighting fires in church yards and using illegal firecrackers and fireworks in residential areas.

Police have been on high alert in the last two weeks and officers are expected to step up efforts during the Holy Week all the way through Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday on April 28.

Local authorities have often been criticized for not doing enough to ensure the safety and peace of mind among residents. Police say they will act and respond to legitimate complaints that deal with public safety and upholding the law.

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