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Updates from the presidential campaign trail

Where do the candidates stand on various issues?

Source: CNA

The Cyprus problem, women's issues and policemen's salaries, as well as agricultural policy and the illegal supply of fuel from the Turkish-occupied areas, were some of the issues which were put forward by presidential candidates on the election campaign trail on Wednesday.

Independent Andreas Mavroyiannis, who is backed by left-wing AKEL, outlined his positions, vision and strategy regarding issues of concern to women at a meeting of the General Council of the Women's Movement POGO. A press release from POGO added that members of the organization were satisfied with Mavroyiannis' stance on promoting equality in employment, implementing an integrated strategy to combat violence against women, and formulating social policies that respond to the real needs of women.

Far-right ELAM chairman and candidate Christos Christou, had a meeting with Nikos Loizidis, President of the police branch of union "Isotita" (Equality), during which the issue of low-paid police officers and other problems were raised. He described the demands of the 4,000 low-paid police officers as entirely rational.

In a press release, independent presidential candidate Constantinos Christofides presented his positions on agricultural policy and the development of carob cultivation. Carob in new economic terms, in modern organic agriculture in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, baby food and complementary health foods, offers additional values with huge economic benefits and profits, he said, adding that in February 2023 we will support the primary sector, research and development of the industry based on carob.

Independent presidential candidate Achilleas Demetriades, who replied to questions from the public online and in person in Nicosia, said that he cannot imagine a solution to the Cyprus problem which would not be in the context of human rights. He also proposed the establishment of a solidarity fund, whereby the state would buy the property of people who own property in the Turkish-occupied areas instead of them applying to the "immovable property committee", with the option of them buying it back in the future. In relation to his proposal to create a truth commission and the possibility that Turkey would benefit from it, he said that it would be "for us, not for Turkey. It is a piece of transitional justice," he added.

Independent candidate Giorgos Kolokasides in a public statement called for strict control over the illegal supply of fuel from the Turkish-occupied areas of the island. He also stated that where the Green Line regulation cannot be effectively implemented, those particular crossing points should be closed. He also said that the state should assume its responsibilities and that measures should be taken to reduce fuel prices in the free areas by reducing taxation and setting a cap.


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