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US Ambassador addresses Cyprus reunification in TV interview

From bilateral relations to humanitarian aid, Julie Fisher provides insights on key issues shaping US-Cyprus cooperation


In a brief interview today on Mera Mesimeri, the US Ambassador to Cyprus, Julie Fisher, addressed various topics, including the implications of the appointment of Cuellar on the Cyprus issue and the ongoing challenges in the region.

Regarding the appointment of Cuellar, the US Ambassador expressed support for the decision and emphasized the commitment to discussions on the Cyprus issue. Acknowledging the real challenges ahead, especially in the reunification efforts for the island, the Ambassador highlighted the decades-long aspirations of Cypriots for a solution. The United States pledged to play a role in assisting the envoy in navigating these challenges.

On the topic of the conflict in Gaza, the Ambassador echoed Secretary of State Blinken's stance on the importance of integration, particularly for Israel. Emphasizing the need for a Palestinian state governed by a legitimate authority rather than terrorists, the Ambassador stressed that integration is key to moving forward, aligning with the US perspective on the matter.

Turning to humanitarian aid from Cyprus to Gaza, the Ambassador commended Cyprus for its crucial role as a platform ensuring security for citizens of many nations. While welcoming Cyprus' initiative to provide humanitarian aid, the Ambassador acknowledged the existing challenges. Ensuring the secure delivery of aid remains a priority, considering the complex issues at play.

Looking ahead to bilateral relations in the new year between the US and Cyprus, the Ambassador expressed optimism. Highlighting a broad agenda, collaboration between law enforcement officials, and strengthening commercial, economic, and educational ties, the Ambassador conveyed a desire to increase travel between the two nations.

The interview shed light on the multifaceted nature of the relationship between the US and Cyprus, covering diplomatic appointments, regional conflicts, and collaborative efforts for a more secure and prosperous future.

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