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USA - Russia: White House 'takes Putin's nuclear threats seriously'

'This is irresponsible rhetoric on the part of a nuclear power,' said John Kirby of the US National Security Council.

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The United States is "taking seriously" Russian President Vladimir Putin's threat to use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine, a White House spokesman said today but stressed that "the consequences will be severe" if the Russian leader actually follows through on those threats.

"This is irresponsible rhetoric on the part of a nuclear power," said John Kirby of the National Security Council, in an interview with the ABC network.

"We are monitoring their strategic layout as best we can so that we are in a position to change ours if the need arises. At the moment there is nothing to dictate that there is such a need," he added.

Source: APE-MPA, AFP

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