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Wanted man caught with girlfriend in north

Greek Cypriot man wanted for drug related offences jailed by Turkish Cypriot authorities


A Greek Cypriot man wanted by police in connection with drug related offences has been arrested by Turkish Cypriot authorities, with reports in the north saying his girlfriend was also apprehended

Turkish Cypriot media said Georgiou, aged 23, was apprehended in the north on April 30 along with a female described by Greek Cypriot media as his girlfriend of British origins.

The two suspects were arrested during a raid at a college dormitory in Famagusta, with officers searching their room in the couple’s presence and confiscating just over 3.5 grams of cannabis found in a plastic bag on the balcony.

A Famagusta court initially ordered the couple remanded for three days but the suspects were later jailed after the prosecutor convinced the judge they did not have local ties in the area

A Famagusta court ordered the couple initially to be remanded for three days but additional reports said the suspects were later jailed pending trial, after prosecutors convinced a Famagusta judge that the defendants did not have local ties in the area.

The Turkish Cypriot judge reportedly gave prosecutors up to one month to complete lab tests and other investigations and file a case in a criminal court.

Police in the south told Knews they were not aware of the recent arrest but confirmed Georgiou was wanted by law enforcement in early April in connection with pending investigations and multiple drug dealing offences, including felony conspiracy, illegal drug possession, and illegal gains.

Media in the north suggested that Turkish Cypriot police received information on April 30 that Georgiou had illegal drugs in his possession. The suspects are also facing charges of illegal entry.

It was not clear whether prosecutors in the north would attempt to press charges for offences allegedly committed in the south. Typically, suspects facing charges in the other community will serve a sentence for local crimes before being handed over to the other side, usually as part of an exchange.

It was not immediately established whether Georgiou's female partner was being accused of any crimes in the south.

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