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Wanted Syrian activist's presence at emergency meeting raises eyebrows

The surprise meeting with Justice Minister despite drug use and arrest warrant


Police spokesman Christos Andreou fielded questions regarding the presence of a Syrian protester at an emergency meeting with the Justice Minister and Chief of Police, despite an active narcotics-positive status and an outstanding arrest warrant. The warrant had been issued a mere few hours prior to the gathering.

During an appearance on ANT1's "Mera Mesimeri" program, Andreou addressed inquiries concerning the decision to allow the meeting, considering the pending arrest warrant. He clarified, "The meeting had been arranged with two other individuals, and the 47-year-old Syrian accompanied these individuals. Upon spotting him, police officers informed him of the ongoing investigation and subsequently apprehended him." Andreou further disclosed that "nobody was aware of his immediate involvement."

The Government's Perspective

Echoing the Police's stance, the Government's Director of the President's Press Office, Mr. Victor Papadopoulos, clarified in recent remarks that the 47-year-old Syrian "was not engaged in negotiations; he was accompanying another Syrian at the time. While at the police station, he was flagged for unrelated statements and online posts, leading to his subsequent arrest." Papadopoulos underscored that "those who have violated the law will face the judicial process."

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