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Watch reflection alerts rescuers to solo sailor in peril

Man survives shark encounter in New Zealand waters


In a riveting tale of resilience and heroism, an unnamed man's solo fishing trip off the coast of New Zealand turned into a life-threatening ordeal.

According to a Sky News report, after his 40-foot boat overturned while grappling with a suspected marlin, he spent a chilling night at sea, battling exhaustion and even encountering a shark.

Attempting a daring 55km swim to the Alderman Islands, the man found himself at the mercy of relentless currents, dragging him further from safety.

Miraculously, his survival hinged on a desperate measure – using his watch to reflect the sun and catch the attention of potential rescuers.

The dramatic turn of events took a positive twist when three vigilant fishermen, identified as Taylor, Mike, and James, noticed an unusual reflection on the water. Investigating further, they uncovered the man's ingenious signal for help.

Rescued with the words, "Glad to see you," the fisherman expressed gratitude to the trio and praised their swift actions.

Police echoed the sentiment, labeling it an "absolute miracle" that he survived and acknowledging the "stellar job" performed by the rescuers, averting a potentially tragic outcome.

Following the rescue, the man received prompt medical attention at Whangamata Marina, where he was treated for hypothermia and exhaustion.

However, the whereabouts of his overturned boat remain a mystery, urging others to report any potential sightings.

Both law enforcement and the grateful survivor extended heartfelt thanks to the "eagle-eyed trio" whose quick response played a pivotal role in saving a life against the vast backdrop of the New Zealand waters.

[With information sourced from Sky News]

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