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Injured golden retriever saved from 300-foot cliff

Coast guard operation saves dog in dramatic cliff fall


In a heart-stopping incident at Oregon's Ecola State Park, the United States Coast Guard executed a daring rescue to save Leo, a courageous Golden Retriever who tumbled over a 300-foot cliff on New Year's Day.

As reported by Daily Mail, miraculously surviving the fall, Leo's story unfolds with a thrilling Coast Guard operation, a skilled officer's first-ever dog rescue, and a grateful family's reunion.

Leo, a three-year-old pup, had been out with his owners when a false move led to him toppling over the edge of the cliff in Ecola State Park, landing on the rocky shores of Cannon Beach.

The local fire department quickly set up a pulley system by the time the Coast Guard helicopter arrived, providing a means to bring Leo back up the cliff.

The dramatic rescue involved a Coast Guard officer being lowered into the water from the chopper and swimming to shore.

High-tech footage captured the moment as Leo, injured and stranded against the rocks, was calmly approached by the rescuer, who then picked him up and strapped him into a basket.

Returning to the helicopter, the pilot humorously asked the officer, "This your first dog rescue, Jason?" to which he responded, "First dog rescue." The heartwarming scene continued as Leo was safely reunited with his owners, expressing gratitude to his rescuer.

The journey didn't end there; Leo was swiftly rushed to the emergency vet, where he was diagnosed with a collapsed lung, pulmonary contusions, deep cuts and bruises, and a broken tooth and jaw.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Leo underwent surgery and spent just one night at the hospital. Now, back home with his family, including a fellow pup named Remy, Leo is on the path to recovery.

Remarkably, this isn't the first time a dog has survived such a perilous fall at Ecola State Park. In June, a German Shepherd was also airlifted to safety after going over the cliff.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the risks, prompting the Cannon Beach Fire Rescue, one of the teams responding to Leo's case, to emphasize the importance of leash safety: "Although the coast is beautiful, it is not perfectly safe. We’d like to remind everyone to keep dogs on leash when hiking unless otherwise stated ‘Dogs Allowed Off Leash’ on the state park website."

[With information sourced from Daily Mail]

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