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Dog's bark saves neighbor's home from flames

Lucy's loud bark sparks urgent fire response


In the quiet town of Arlington, Washington, a furry hero emerged in the dead of night, changing the tune of a seemingly ordinary evening.

According to a Good News Network report, at 3:00 a.m., a fire silently devoured the workshop of a nearby North County home. Across the road, Douglas O’Connor II peacefully slumbered, oblivious to the imminent danger.

Suddenly, the air was pierced by the frantic barking of Lucy, the Australian Shepherd-Labrador mix belonging to O’Connor. Startled, he recounted, "Normally, I just yell at her to go to sleep, you know?" Yet, this was no ordinary bark; it was a loud, screaming-type alert that jolted them awake.

O’Connor vividly described the moment, "It was totally different than her just barking at a usual, usual bark. It was totally—woke us both up. Something’s wrong. Wow. She was trying to tell us something."

Responding to Lucy's urgent call, O’Connor's wife peered out the window and discovered the nearby inferno. Quick thinking prompted a call to 911, and firefighters rushed to the scene.

Their timely intervention quelled the blaze, preventing it from engulfing the detached workshop and spreading to the neighboring home where the owner still slept, unaware of the impending danger. O’Connor reflected, "Firefighters said another 10 minutes that could have reached the house. So that was a little scary."

Grateful for Lucy's intuition, firefighters were introduced to the courageous canine, whose barks not only saved a home but also resonated with neighbors. KING 5 News reported that Lucy's powerful barking not only alerted O’Connor but also stirred other residents, prompting a collective response that involved alerting fire and rescue services.

In the heart of this Washington community, Lucy became more than a pet; she became a beloved early warning system, leaving an indelible mark on the local heroes who battled the flames and the grateful residents who witnessed a community united in the face of adversity.

[With information sourced from Good News Network]

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