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Waves of showers to persist through weekend

Yellow warning in effect through Friday afternoon, warnings over rural mountain road conditions


Police warn motorists of fallen rock on rural mountain roads, with wet weather conditions on the island expected to persist throughout the weekend.

Friday skies were mostly cloudy in the morning, with local showers and isolated thunderstorms expected to gradually recede later in the night.

A yellow warning was in effect through Friday afternoon at 4pm, with weather officials saying rain and isolated thunderstorms were expected to affect the area with rain accumulation likely to exceed 50 millimeters in a 6-hour period.

High winds were expected throughout the day, with wind speeds over windward locations expected periodically to reach 6 points on the Beaufort scale.

Police said there was rockfall on several rural roads near Morphou, including Kakopetria-Pinewood, Orkontas-Kato Pyrgos, Pedoulas-Kykkos-Milikouri, Pedoulas-Kampos, and Kampos-Stavros tis Psokas.

Other roads were deemed slippery, while low visibility was due to foggy conditions over roads in Agios Nicolaos and Kampos.

Dust levels rise Saturday

According to weather officials, air quality has also been affected with dust expected in the atmosphere through Saturday, with high concentration expected on and off. 

Temperature highs will reach 19 degrees Celsius inland, 20 degrees in coastal regions, while it will be 10 high up in the mountains. Lows are expected to drop down to 12 degrees in the interior, around 14 along the coast, while it will be 5 high up in the mountains.

Saturday skies will be partly cloudy while Sunday weather will be mostly clear, with low chances of rain over the weekend and moderate chances on Sunday afternoon, mainly in the mountains.

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