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Weekend adventures in Nicosia's taverns

Discover the essence of fall at these iconic taverns


With the advent of autumn's first month, warm weather lingers, and the curtain falls on summer vacations, ushering in a period of growing daily responsibilities. For those seeking solace and relaxation, the city's charming taverns, nestled within picturesque courtyards, offer an inviting escape from the demands of urban life.

As the weekend approaches, the allure of atmospheric taverns becomes irresistible, promising a blend of tranquil courtyards, tantalizing snacks, refreshing beverages, and live musical performances. To guide you in making the most of your weekends, Wiz has meticulously selected a range of establishments that promise unforgettable dining experiences.

1. Stenorymi - A Glimpse of Nostalgia
Located in Aglantzia, 'Stenorymi' transports patrons to bygone eras with its cozy ambiance. This tavern offers traditional snacks and high-quality meats at reasonable prices. Saturdays are a highlight, with live music filling the charming courtyard.

2. Stou Oresti PAOK Kythreas - A Taste of Cyprus
Orestes, trained in France, brings the flavors of traditional Cypriot cuisine to Cyprus. Fresh, local ingredients shine in dishes like lamb chops and unique creations like halloumi with tomato jam. The friendly service caters to all generations.

3. Plaka - A Time-Tested Tradition
Since 1969, 'Plaka' has been synonymous with Cypriot cuisine. High-quality ingredients, serene surroundings, reasonable prices, and weekend live music make it a rewarding choice.

4. ETHA Engomis - A Culinary Gem
'ETHA Engomis' in Engomi excels in rich appetizers, including chicken souvlaki and traditional desserts like purrekia with anari. Recognized as a top restaurant in 2018, it's open most days of the week.

5. Somatio Irini Plati - Sweeping Views and Hearty Meze
'Somatio Irini Plati' offers panoramic views and delightful meze, featuring fragrant souvlaki and live music on select evenings.

These taverns, along with several others, promise to make the transition into autumn a culinary adventure filled with warmth and memorable experiences. Whether you're in search of traditional flavors or a fusion of classic and modern cuisine, these establishments invite you to indulge in the spirit of the season. Don't miss the opportunity to savor the flavors of fall in these welcoming taverns during your weekends.

[With information sourced from Wiz Guide]

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