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Where can we get fuel at lower prices?

Fuel prices on the decline as owners eye further reductions


As the economic landscape continues to evolve, one sector offers a glimmer of relief: fuel prices. In a conversation with petrol station owner Kyriakos Louka, insights emerge into recent reductions and the potential for further drops at the pump. Louka, a seasoned observer of market trends, shares encouraging news amidst uncertain times.

According to Kyriakos Louka, a prominent figure in the industry, recent reductions in oil prices have translated to lower costs at the pump.  He noted that in recent weeks, there has been a modest downward trend in prices, with certain companies implementing reductions. "Since the last ten days of April, prices have started to go down, five to six cents a liter," Louka confirmed.

When pressed about the potential for additional decreases, Louka pointed to the logistical aspect, suggesting that storage expenses could pave the way for further cuts of up to two cents a liter. As consumers eagerly anticipate relief at the pump, Louka's insights offer a glimmer of hope amidst economic uncertainties.

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