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Will the far-right push Germany towards a Dexit?

Alice Weidel: Germany should follow UK's lead with Brexit-style EU vote


In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Alice Weidel, leader of Germany's far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), expressed support for a "Dexit" referendum, citing the UK's Brexit as a model for Germany.

As The Guardian reports, Weidel faces backlash amid revelations of a covert meeting discussing mass deportations, triggering widespread protests across the country.

Weidel dismissed the exposé as "scandalous," defending the AfD's stance on enforcing Germany's laws. However, protests escalated over the weekend, with over a million people participating in 90 demonstrations.

The AfD's current high standing in polls, between 20% and 23% nationally, poses challenges to the existing coalition.

Weidel outlined the party's vision, emphasizing reforming the EU to address its "democratic deficit" before considering a Dexit referendum. Despite strong public support for EU membership in Germany, especially among AfD voters, Weidel's ambition reflects the party's long-term goals, known for its patience in gaining power.

Internal struggles intensify as Weidel sacks a senior aide over the meeting, facing disagreement within the party. The Correctiv exposé's fallout extends beyond the AfD, leading to Hans-Georg Maaßen forming a new political party.

The German political landscape further fragments, with Sahra Wagenknecht breaking from Die Linke to create a new left-wing anti-immigrant party.

As Germany grapples with challenges, including Ukraine tensions, a cost of living crisis, and climate reform, the AfD's surge highlights growing discontent. Calls for banning the AfD persist, but legal and political opposition raises concerns about potential backlashes.

The political landscape's continued evolution adds complexity to an already tumultuous period in German politics.

[With information sourced from The Guardian]

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