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Woman accuses politician of sexual assault

Cypriot police receive sexual harassment complaint against well-known elected official


A woman in Cyprus has come forward with allegations against a politician, saying she was a victim of sexual harassment when she went to meet with him in hopes to find a job.

According to local media, a woman in her early 30’s has accused a well-known male politician of sexual harassment, with the case going back to 2014 when she was in her mid-20’s.

The woman said he kissed her on the lips and then grabbed her hand and placed it on his genitals

The woman has alleged that she met with the politician somewhere in public to discuss her interest in finding a job, reportedly after he had told her family that he was interested in helping the young woman find a job.

According to the allegations, the man asked her to join him in his apartment where the two sat on the sofa to carry on their discussion.

Suddenly, according to local media, the woman said he kissed her on the lips and then grabbed her hand and placed it on his genitals.

The complaint comes after a series of sexual harassment cases emerged recently, with women accusing male figures of authority of sexual harassment and abuse several years after the alleged incidents.

The woman said she left the apartment and never filed a complaint against the politician, who was said to be an elected representative.

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