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Woman in Paphos says she was raped

Female Paphos resident says she was staked out and raped in her own apartment


A woman in Paphos told police she was raped in her own apartment by an unknown male who was staking her out.

According to local media, a 47-year-old woman heard a knock on the door at her apartment in the Tombs of the Kings area in Paphos on Sunday evening around 9pm.

When she answered the door, an unknown male in his mid-20’s told her she was looking for a woman called Alina, with the female tenant saying she did not know anyone by that name.

The man reportedly said he made a mistake and walked away but came back 15 minutes later.

An unknown man in his mid-20’s knocked on the door telling her he was looking for another woman, but he came back later through the patio door and raped her

According to the complaint, the perpetrator managed to gain entry through the patio door and then he raped the woman.

Police told Knews they could not discuss any details regarding the alleged incident, citing a policy against publicizing complaints about rape allegations.

But a police press officer confirmed reports that a rape complaint had been filed.

Media reports said the woman was examined by a forensic pathologist while police officers went to the apartment to collect evidence.

Additional reports said the apartment was under police guard throughout the night, while investigators are reportedly searching for any video footage from the area.

The Cyprus News Agency reported that the patio door had been left open prior to the incident due to hot weather.

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