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Woman says she received death threats

Paphos police try to assess credibility of alleged death threat by woman's female acquaintance


A woman in Paphos says a female friend has threatened to kill her, citing death treats she reportedly received over the phone and through text messages.

According to local media, a 55-year-old woman in Polis Chrysochous, Paphos district, filed a complaint on Tuesday saying a 50-year-old woman has been sending harassing calls and threatening messages for the last three weeks.

Investigations tend to focus on context to determine whether a verbal or written threat against someone is credible

Media reports said a woman from Nicosia, described as an acquaintance of the accuser, was wanted in connection with the case.

Police confirmed a harassment complaint had been filed with law enforcement authorities but declined to comment further on the case concerning either the nature of threats or any warrants.

Local media said CID Paphos was investigating a death threat case to determine whether it was believable.

According to laws of the Republic of Cyprus, a person who causes duress or fear to someone else using the threat of violence or other illegal act could face a jail sentence up to three years.

Police told Knews death threats are taken seriously while investigations generally tend to focus on context to determine circumstances under which a person may have issued a verbal or written threat against someone else as well as whether that threat is credible.

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