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Worker’s mystery death in Limassol under new scrutiny

Police investigate natural death but family insists boss is responsible after worker fell from height


Cyprus Police are investigating a natural death involving a foreign worker in Limassol, but his family blames his boss following an accident that was not reported to authorities.

According to local media, a 47-year-old Iranian laborer was working at a construction site in Limassol when he fell from an unspecified height.

Some reports said the Iranian man was working illegally after his application for asylum was rejected but other sources suggested he had appealed the decision and his case was pending

The incident took place in the recent past, with local reports saying the worker was seen by a private doctor who treated his arm injury on the same day.

But the following day his wife found him unconscious and he was rushed to the Emergency Room, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Additional reports said the Iranian man was working illegally after his application for asylum was rejected.

Cyprus Police said they were investigating a natural death while the man’s family insists it was a work accident and his boss was responsible.

Labor officials have visited the site to investigate whether the death was a work fatality.

A post mortem has been carried out but results were not made public.

Limassol police are also investigating the man’s boss for violations in connection with unauthorized employment.

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