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Worker and boss in legal trouble after farming accident

Hand tractor operator seriously injured in Paphos, police investigate labor and immigration offenses


A young man who got injured while using a hand tractor is being accused of immigration and labor violations, while his employer is also facing charges of unauthorized employment.

Local media said a 28-year-old foreign national was using a power tiller at a local vineyard on Easter Monday in Kouklia, Paphos district, where he got involved in an accident.

Local media said both injured man and vineyard owner were detained but police told Knews a warrant had been sought only against the employer and the judge rejected it

Police said fire fighters rush to the scene where the individual operating the hand tractor sustained a serious injury on his left leg following a work-related accident.

The worker was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, with doctors describing his condition serious but not in immediate danger.

Local media said both the injured man and a local 59-year-old man, described as the owner of the vineyard, were arrested after the accident.

But police told Knews there were no arrests, adding that at least one warrant had been sought against the employer but the judge rejected the request.

Knews has also learned that the injured man was known to have resided lawfully in the Republic of Cyprus but could now be facing immigrations and labor violations after police said they suspected both visa overstay and unauthorized work.

A police press officer said both immigration and labor violations were still uncer investigation, adding there would be no need to seek further arrests in the case.

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