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World's priciest cocktail at just under $19,000 comes with a diamond twist

The ''Diamonds Are Forever Martini'' mixes diamonds, decadence, and a dash of 007 glam

Source: Daily Mail

The 'Diamonds Are Forever Martini' is the world's most expensive cocktail, sold at a staggering $18,963.82 (£14,876.17).

Inspired by the 1971 James Bond movie of the same name, the cocktail is made with chilled Absolut Elyx vodka and a splash of fresh lime juice - stirred or shaken.

However, it's the third ingredient that makes this decadent cocktail so expensive.

Those rich enough to indulge in the drink will find a one-carat diamond sitting at the bottom of their glass.

If you order it, you get to watch it be made at your table, as well as being serenaded by a live band singing 'Diamonds Are Forever' by Shirley Bassey.

You're not just paying for a cocktail, but an experience that will make you feel like a million dollars.

The cocktail can be bought inside the bar at the Ritz-Carlton restaurant in Tokyo - with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city skyline, the bar screams luxury.

It's located on the 45th floor of one of Tokyo's tallest buildings and its website describes it as 'A Tokyo hotel bar where the decadence is by design.'

Guests can order shareable plates and an extensive drink menu featuring an 'expert fusion of classic Western cocktails with Japanese elements, in addition to wines, sake tastings and a comprehensive liquor selection.'

The 'Diamonds Are Forever Martini' is featured front and center of the website, in the 'most indulgent cocktails' section:

'Whether shaken or stirred, it always sparkles. Treat your special loved one to a refined yet extravagant Martini. Prepared tableside along with the perfect song 'Diamonds are Forever.' Absolute Elyx Vodka, Lime Juice, One Carat Diamond.'

If the extravagant beverage is a little bit out of your price range, the bar also offers some more affordable cocktails, in keeping with the luxury experience.

The 'Royal Gin Buck' is priced at just £19.35 and is made up of the Ritz-Carlton Ginger Ale, BBR No.3 London Dry Gin, and Hinoki Bitters.

The Libre Trinidad is £43 and is a mix of Caroni 22y Cask No.82 The Ritz-Carlton Private Label and the Ritz-Carlton Cola.

If you're wondering what some of the next most-expensive cocktails in the world are, they're quite a leap down from the opulent martini.

For $10,000 (£7,839.60) you can get the 'Ono Champagne Cocktail' from The Encore Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

Like the martini, it also comes with jewelry, though this time a 19-karat gold necklace - the drink is served in a jewel-encrusted glass and is made of the rare 1981 Charles Heidsieck champagne, $90,000 cognac, orange juice, apricot juice and rose nectar.

The 'Winston' at Club 23 in Melbourne, Australia used to be on sale for $12,040 (£9,445.62).

It's made with two $6,000 shots of 1858 Croizet Cognac, and $800 Grand Marnier Quintessence, with the expensive and rare Chartreuse V.E.P.

The club was owned by Australian cricketer, Shane Warnefor and the cocktail was named after Winston Churchill, although sadly the club is now permanently closed.

A different version of the Diamonds Are Forever Martini for a slightly cheaper price also used to be available at a New York bar.

The bar, called Uncork, was owned by Andy Goetz, who would custom-make engagement rings to go inside the Martinis.

Unfortunately, the business didn't take off and it's no longer in business.

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