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Wrong guy arrested in abduction scares

Man detained over Nicosia abduction scares walks free following police lineup


A man detained over recent abduction scares in Nicosia was released Tuesday evening, with police saying he did not appear to be involved in the incidents.

Police told Knews that a male suspect was detained Tuesday afternoon for questioning in order for investigators to ascertain whether he was involved in recent encounters with school children in east Nicosia.

It was not clear whether the identity parade was investigatory or confirmatory, but police told Knews the suspect was under arrest during the procedure

The suspect was then released in the evening after young pupils failed to pick him out of a police lineup. It was not clear whether the identity parade was investigatory or confirmatory, but police told Knews he was under arrest during the procedure.

“It appears that he was not involved and so charges were not filed against him,” a police officer also told Knews.

A number of parental complaints had been filed last month about an unknown male who was approaching boys and girls after school.

The arrest was based on a court warrant but police did not specify the charges, telling Knews the suspect was apprehended based on reasonable suspicion he might have been the person behind the encounters.

Police also told Knews the case was still under investigation, adding that a number of possible offences were being investigated but they still had no suspect.

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