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Young Greeks appear more pro-American

Most Greeks think America interferes in other countries, youth enjoy movies but not Biden

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Anti-Americanism in Greece seems to be on the wane, as a recent Pew Institute survey in 23 countries showed that 56% of Greeks have a positive view of the United States.

The lowest percentage was recorded in 2014, with only 34% of respondents in Greece having a positive view of the US.

Anti-Americanism is gradually declining for another reason, as younger Greeks, in the 18-39 age group, value American entertainment (movies, music, TV) more than those over 40, at 84% vs 62%.

US President Joe Biden received low confidence ratings from respondents in Greece, with 56% saying they do not trust his handling of affairs, and 43% expressing confidence in the White House. High levels of distrust toward Washington were also recorded in Italy, Spain, France, Mexico, Argentina and Hungary.

Like Greeks, the majority of citizens of NATO member-states do not have much confidence in Biden.

Respondents in most of the countries surveyed expressed misgivings about whether the US takes into account the interests of other countries in its geopolitical decisions. In Greece, 66% of respondents believe that the US does not care about the interests of countries other than itself, with this figure reaching 80% in Spain and Hungary. Last year, 53% of survey participants in Greece thought that the US takes into account the interests of other countries in its decisions.

An overwhelming majority of respondents in Greece (93%) – and in another 22 countries – believe that the US interferes in the internal affairs of other countries.

Greeks are more moderate in their view of whether the US contributes to peace and stability in the world, with 58% of respondents believing it doesn’t and 42% believing that it does.

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