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Young man dies in downtown attack

Indian male killed following group attack in Nicosia, one arrested, two wanted by police


One suspect has been arrested and two others are wanted by police after a young man was killed and two injured Sunday night following a group attack in downtown Nicosia.

According to local media, an Indian male was killed during an attack involving a group of foreign nationals in old Nicosia. The clash took place downtown, reportedly starting around 9:30pm on or near Onasagorou Street, which is adjacent to Ledras, and later spilling into adjacent streets.

Police said about 15 foreign nationals, some holding wood sticks and sharp objects such as knives, attacked three individuals, fatally wounding one of them and injuring the other two.

Police said foreign nationals holding sticks and knives attacked three individuals, fatally wounding one of them and injuring the other two

A 21-year-old male from India, who was reportedly found unconscious by his friends on Arsinois Street, was rushed to the Emergency Room at Nicosia General Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival. It was not established whether he had been moved from another location prior to his death.

Two others described as victims were also treated in the ER, with a 34-year-old undergoing surgery after sustaining a knife wound in the chest and multiple cuts around the head. A 24-year-old male, who had injuries in the left ear and right hand, was also treated and later released from hospital.

The reasons over the clash were not immediately known to police who are investigating the incident. No official report was issued regarding the fatal incident pending notification of the victim's family.

Police said three suspects have been identified, with a 26-year-old male already in custody and two others aged 31 and 24 wanted by law enforcement authorities. Investigators are examining security camera footage from the area.

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