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Man attacked by gang in Limassol

Out of town gang drives to Limassol to settle dispute near public park area


A man was sent to the operating room after an attack in Limassol on Sunday, with police arresting two of his friends and searching for seven other suspects.

According to police, seven foreign nationals from Larnaca drove in two cars near Limassol’s Molos area where they tracked down a 28-year-old man who was sitting in his vehicle.

Sources told Knews that the victim, described as an Indian national, was sitting in his car when a group of Indian men attacked him with metal rods, injuring him and causing damages to his car. The incident took place Sunday evening around 7:30pm.

Police said they were looking for seven suspects, while two others, described as friends of the victim, were arrested by police

The victim was rushed to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and was treated for a broken jaw and a broken elbow. Doctors said his condition was serious but out of any immediate danger.

Police said they were looking for seven suspects, while two others, described as friends of the victim, were arrested by police.

The two detained individuals, an Indian male aged 25 and a 29-year-old Pakistani man, reportedly arrived at the scene following the attack, after the victim had called on them for support.

Police said the two friends were seen holding a metal rod and a baseball bat respectively, with officers arresting them both on possession charges.

Sources told Knews that the two detained men were facing possession charges of instruments of aggression but it was not fully clear whether they brought the items along or picked them up at the scene.

Additional sources said the 29-year-old had a valid visa through August 2019, while it was not clear whether he had a pending application with the Immigration.

Police declined to comment on the case further but local media reported that the attack was believed to have taken place following economic differences between the victim and the group of attackers.

CID Limassol and officers from local petty crime unit were carrying out a joint investigation.

Local residents and officials spoke to the media expressing concern over criminal behaviour in their neighbourhoods.


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