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Zero new cases 'a utopia', Health Minister says

The Health Minister said there's no perfect recipe to get out of the lockdown, but we can't expect that less restrictions will keep new cases low


There’s no perfect recipe that’s been implemented across the world to get out of the lockdown successfully, the Health Minister said Tuesday, noting that we shouldn’t be concerned that we haven’t seen days with zero new cases, as that would be “utopian”.

Constantinos Ioannou said that currently, all countries, including Cyprus, are moving into “uncharted waters” and are taking steps on the basis of the developing situation.

Ioannou said that expert team of scientists consulting the government are positive about the low number of new cases being recorded in recent days, which will allow the island to confidently move through to the next phases of the lockdown exit strategy announced last week.

Zero new cases ‘a utopia’

The low numbers of new cases was an essential factor in the government’s decision to allow a small resumption of the economy and a loosening of restrictions on movement, but “it would be utopian to expect zero new cases.”

“We haven’t seen it happening in any other country which has begun lifting restrictions,” Ioannou said, highlighting that the virus will remain among us until a vaccine is discovered.

“With this fact in mind, we continue efforts to keep Cyprus at the bottom of the list in terms of confirmed cases, and among the first as regards the conducting of tests,” Ioannou added.

Spike in curve unavoidable as restrictions loosen

The Health Minister stressed that an increase in the number of coronavirus cases is unavoidable as restrictions continue to loosen, but the goal remains to keep cases as low as possible.

Regarding the number of coronavirus patients admitted in Cyprus hospitals, Ioannou said “the numbers appear to have stabilised at low levels in recent days and this is the way we want the situation to remain, so that we can move forward with the next steps with greater confidence.”

He highlighted that “we don’t have the luxury of potential setbacks,” adding that “this period is of vital importance,” and the public shouldn’t feel that the threat of the virus has been eradicated just yet.

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