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Zero new coronavirus cases in Cyprus

All 1,019 samples checked for the virus on Thursday came back negative, keeping total known cases stable at 999


A sum of 1,019 laboratory tests conducted on Thursday to check samples for coronavirus all came back negative, the Health Ministry said.

Samples were collected in the framework of multiple government-funded programmes targeting specific groups, such as employees that returned to work with the gradual lifting of lockdown measures, contacts of other known cases, arriving passengers at Cyprus airports, and special health groups. Additional samples were collected from people who took the initiative to get tested.

With zero new cases, total known coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the virus in March remained stable at 999, while some 833 have so far fully recovered. The Republic of Cyprus has so far recorded 19 coronavirus fatalities.

Across Cyprus, just one patient with coronavirus was being treated at the Famagusta General Hospital.

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