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Another elderly woman attacked and robbed

Limassol police arrest male suspect hours after woman knocked to the ground and robbed late at night


Another elderly woman was attacked and robbed in Limassol, with reports saying a man with a covered face assaulted the victim and grabbed a wallet from her hand.

According to police, a 68-year-old woman was walking towards her residence Thursday night, around 11:15pm, when a man who was wearing a white handkerchief around his head approached her and pushed her to the ground.

Reports said the man struck the woman who then fell to the ground, while the suspect managed to grab a wallet that she was holding.

Police did not clarify whether the victim was holding a women's wallet in her hand prior to the attack or had a wallet on her somewhere else, but it was understood that the wallet belonged to her and the suspect pried it out of her hands during the assault.

It was understood that the wallet belonged to the woman and the suspect pried it out of her hands during the incident

The suspect then ran away and got into into the front passenger seat of a blue pickup truck that was idling nearby. An undisclosed amount of cash was reportedly inside the wallet.

A 57-year-old male suspect was later arrested in connection with the case, while police did not clarify whether a second suspect was wanted.

The woman received medical treatment in the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital, where doctors said she had suffered cuts on her hands.

The attack took place following a brutal home invasion also in Limassol the previous week, with an elderly woman also assaulted and robbed just outside her penthouse while taking out the trash.

A total of three suspects have been arrested in last week's incident, with police saying they were taking both incidents very seriously.

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