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17 September, 2019


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1. Larnaca completes another joint rescue drill

A joint Search And Rescue exercise took place on Monday near the coast of Cyprus, with SAR Units and Personnel of the Republic of Cyprus and France taking part in CYFRA-04/19...

2. Pyatt calls for stronger defense cooperation

“The United States has spoken very clearly on the question of the S400 and the F-35. We’ve spoken very clearly on the provocative nature of the drilling activities that Turkey has engaged in in waters off of Cyprus. But none of that changes the fact that we, like you, need to find a way to make this work,” Pyatt added....

3. UNFICYP mandate extended for another six months

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has recommended that the Security Council extends UNFICYP’s mandate until January 31, 2020 in recognition of its continued contribution to the maintenance of peace and stability. ...

4. Turkey issues Navtex for exercises off Kastellorizo on Sunday

Turkey has issued a navigational telex reserving a large area south of the island of Kastellorizo, within Greece's continental shelf, for military exercises on Sunday as Greeks go to general elections...

5. The letter to Guterres

Following criticism by opposition AKEL calling for President Anastasiades to share with the public a letter the President had sent to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Kathimerini has obtained the text in question...

6. F35 back to UK after Cyprus mission

Four F-35 fighter jets have just returned to the UK after a two-month exercise in Cyprus, where they also flew reconnaissance missions over Iraq and Syria...

7. Cyprus strongly protests to UN over airspace and sea violations by Turkey

Cyprus has strongly protested to the UN the violations of its national airspace, the infringements of international air traffic regulations in Cyprus’s flight information region and the illegal use of closed ports and airports in Cyprus by Turkey...

8. UK F35 jets fly first sorties out of Cyprus

The UK’s newest and most advanced generation of fighter jet, the Lightning F-35B, has completed its first operational missions to Syria and Iraq, as part of the ongoing fight against Daesh, following a successful training period in Cyprus, UK Defence Secretary, Penny Mordaunt said during a visit she paid to the British Bases in Cyprus....

9. Palmer: Ankara has been repeatedly advised to change course

10. Garber: US deeply concerned by Turkey's intention to drill off Cyprus

11. Argonaut 2019: Over 20 countries participated in the exercise

12. Argonaut 2019 maritime exercise underway

13. Elections 2019: Cyprus chooses

14. Final instructions for European Elections in Cyprus

15. Photos and video of RAF F-35 in Cyprus

16. UK F-35 land in the British Bases in Cyprus

UK F-35 jets landed on Tuesday afternoon in the British Bases, in Akrotiri, in the southern coast of Cyprus....

17. Greek FM urges Ankara to stop its illegal activities in Cyprus

18. Aegean accident a permanent danger, military chief says

Referring to what Greece sees as deliberate escalations of tension by Turkey, the chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), Christos Christodoulou, expressed concern Monday about “the permanent danger” of an accident in the Aegean. ...

19. UK and Cyprus agree to closer defence and security ties

20. French Rafale jets pierce Cyprus skies

21. How to shield a dead body

According to our 'wise' president, we now have to reflect and ask ourselves about something that has always been at the core of a corrupt system where all government administrations got their hands dirty...

22. French fighter jets fly over Cyprus

23. EastMed summit to send stern message

24. East Med on track with US backing

25. Erdogan says Blue Homeland drill is not directed against Greece

26. Turkish and Greek nationalism, a two way street

Blue Homeland was front and centre due to the naval drill of the Turkish Armed Forces, but analysts have been wasting ink to influence public opinion...

27. Game Changer

President Anastasiades was on a long drift in the ocean and on the stage of international diplomacy but luckily he was rescued at the last moment...

28. SYRIZA has realized that Greece belongs to the West

29. US's Matthew Palmer urges restraint in East Mediterranean

30. Turkey conducts its biggest ever naval exercise‘blue-homeland-naval-exercise