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What about the day after in Gaza? What about the days before?

A colleague of mine asked me the other day a very interesting question. Let's assume, he said, that Israel does manage to ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Onasagoras: Ouzo diplomacy and halloumi hurdles

In Erdogan's visit to Athens, Mitsotakis asked him - within the framework of Greek hospitality, of course - what they would ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

'The Dead Zone'

Last August, when we discussed the Pyla crisis, the incidents in the "border states," and the aftermath of the peacekeepers' ...
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Unveiling the dark side of Christmas traditions

As December unwraps its festive allure, the question looms large: What truly defines Christmas? Is it the glittering lights, ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou

Unveiling the silent suffering of elder abuse

Two hundred and twenty reports of elderly abuse were received by the Observatory for the Elderly from January to October ...
Apostolos Kouroupakis Apostolos Kouroupakis

Olives harvested, memories revived

Going to the newspaper offices on Friday, I noticed in the area of Egomi some workers picking olives on a remaining parcel ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Kissinger and us

Henry Alfred Kissinger (1923-2023) undeniably stood as one of the leading figures in American foreign policy and diplomacy. ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

'Hands off my tahinopita!'

The Auditor-General hinted at the President's earnings during his tenure as Government Spokesperson, prompting Victor ...
Maria Eracleous Maria Eracleous

Mega investments and unanswered questions

In the realm of business expansions and openings, an intriguing anomaly surfaces—the apparent lack of foresight. Take, for ...
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The rising tide of nationalism

The Netherlands and Argentina represent two additional victories in the surge of populism and nationalism that the world ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Cyprus proposes lifeline to Gaza in 'Amalthea' project

The debate on the humanitarian corridor in Gaza, from Cypriot territory within the context of the 'Amalthea' project, represents ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Helicopters, popes, and the rise of global Trumpism

Today, our President is set to meet His Holiness Pope Francis, a rendezvous that comes with a touch of irony given the ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

How Geert Wilders is redefining Dutch politics

Geert Wilders' far-right triumph in Dutch elections reverberates across Europe, marking a trend of growing electoral success. ...
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Giving thanks in Cyprus with American spirit and Cypriot flavor

As I sit down to reflect on this Thanksgiving Day, I find myself in beautiful Cyprus, a place I've called home for nearly ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

'The honest state'

Whenever Cyprus becomes the focus of an international journalistic investigation, the perception within the media, political ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou


''All information that has come to light will be thoroughly investigated, with a specific timeframe,'' said the president, ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Removing stains from Cyprus, one scandal at a time

So, the President's got a diverse bunch around him with all sorts of ideas and interests.
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Controversial billboards stir emotions

Take a drive along any Cypriot highway and you’re confronted with billboard images of Israeli women and children kidnapped ...
George Kakouris George Kakouris

Solidarity...It is in our interests

During this Middle East crisis, the public debate in Cyprus surpasses the stereotypical reactions of the nation, going beyond ...
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Create a 'superministry' to reduce bureaucracy

In Cyprus, the proliferation of committees, excessive bureaucracy, and overlapping responsibilities of high-ranking officials ...
Maria Eracleous Maria Eracleous

Can vital debates survive a 20-minute showdown?

How meaningful can an in-depth debate on a crucial topic occur in just 20 minutes?
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Abraham’s Tinderbox

I’ll begin by clearly condemning Hamas and its terrorist thugs and express grief at the horrors inflicted on innocent Israeli ...
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Michalis Persianis: 'The wet firecracker'

The Cyprus Confidential revelations turned out to be a 'petard mouille', a wet firecracker failing to generate the anticipated ...
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An 'eye for an eye' and the elimination of terrorism

Since October 7, we've been witnessing the war between Israel and Hamas live, minute by minute, on our screens. Unfortunately, ...
Andreas Andreou Andreas Andreou

Traffic woes make Nicosia's core the key to urban transformation

Traffic is one of the most pressing issues that need resolution. While all cities face similar problems, Nicosia leads the ...
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UN chief's controversial view on Cyprus unity

In a recent interview, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of UNFICYP, Colin Stewart, referred ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

From ill-considered posts to digital faux pas

In the Cypriot digital political arena of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and lately, TikTok, national anniversaries, the ...
Apostolis Tomaras Apostolis Tomaras

Murders shake Cyprus, prompting reflection on crime and leadership

In a shocking turn of events, two murders occurred within a span of just a few hours, stealing the limelight from the ongoing ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Tensions escalate as Aphrodite field negotiations reach breaking point

The final phase of negotiations for the development of the Aphrodite field, led by Chevron's consortium in Block 12 and ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Cyprus: Where pizza delivery outpaces the police, and hitmen deliver efficiently

I read that after the two recent murders, there are fears of a vendetta and further bloodshed. But don't worry people. Our ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou

In the face of unions and GESY, where are our politicians?

The conflict between OKYpY and guilds is an undeniably political matter. It should be addressed as such if we wish to identify ...
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Turkey, the most unreliable ally of the West

The latest developments in the Middle East after the terrorist actions of Hamas and the reaction of Israel have proven once ...
Pavlos Xanthoulis Pavlos Xanthoulis

The Queen is naked

The fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen about the king who believed he was wearing splendid clothes while, in reality, ...
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Democracy is ailing because we are failing it

Interestingly, here as in the rest of Europe, the big ''winner'' of what happened after October 7 in Israel is one and only. ...
Pavlos Xanthoulis Pavlos Xanthoulis

Unmasking the mystery of the Al-Ahli hospital attack in Gaza

"Who is Responsible for the Attack on Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza?