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11 August, 2020

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Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

Europe’s walls and Italy

A coalition government between two Italian parties that are ready to challenge core European Union rules and practices will ...

Cyprus energy search – averting a US-Turkey crisis

Cyprus continues to proceed with offshore oil and gas projects despite Turkey's opposition
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

The 'guards' are waiting

Today, Greece is being run by a combination of “pink guards” officials of the old PASOK, friends and relatives
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Greece, Cyprus and Israel together in Washington

While the leaders of Greece, Cyprus and Israel confirmed once again in Nicosia their strategic choice to follow a common ...
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Changing the constitution of FYROM

As talks aimed at resolving the name dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) intensify, ...
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

Language and political nonsense

In his famous essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell argued that the use of simple language – free of ...

You can’t put a price on heritage

When the German tabloid Bild suggested that Greece should sell off Corfu and the Parthenon as part of its asset-stripping, ...

Don’t get caught up in the East Med energy hype

It is tempting for resource-poor countries to overestimate the promise of newly discovered hydrocarbon resources, particularly ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Hypocrisy over defence spending

Beyond the competition that has always existed between France and Germany in this field, Greece is being accused of spending ...

Limitless incompetence and puerility

Who would have thought that the news regarding the lease of two frigates from France, confirmed with such fanfare to Kathimerini ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Building a shield

Paris has taken some practical steps as demonstrated with the decision to give Greece two FREMM-type navy frigates on a ...
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

New Turkey's hasty birth

The way in which the snap elections were called is not normal, nor is the unsettled situation in the country and on its ...
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Early elections in Turkey give Greece the jitters

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to call for snap elections on June 24 is of direct consequence to Greece, more than at any ...
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

A need to upgrade Greece’s F-16 fighter jets

Lawmakers are awaiting a joint report by the State and Defense departments on how the country can help Greece upgrade its ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

#PoliticsBlog Loans to Politicians

The Non-Performing Loans (NPL) associated with political public figures reach over €160 million just in the cooperative ...

Celebrating Israel’s 70th Independence Day in Cyprus

The significant natural gas reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean offer much potential for joint ventures and commercial ...

Turkey and Greece ratchet up tension in the Mediterranean

With help from rabble-rousers on both sides, disputes over airspace and maritime borders, which have poisoned relations ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Knowing exactly what we’re doing

International experience has shown that some of the greatest tragedies were the result of bad or vague communication
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

Adrift in dangerous storms

Now that things are becoming more difficult, many government officials stick to believing what they want to believe rather ...
Michalis Tsikalas Michalis Tsikalas

Russia is drifting away

Michalis Tsikalas says the fact that Russia and Turkey are locked in an embrace, which is getting stronger over time, should ...
Costas Iordanidis Costas Iordanidis

FYROM and its irredentist claims

Greece has never recognized an ethnic minority and the present government will be no exception
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

President Erdogan’s exasperation

His aim, in this case, is to exert pressure on the Greek government for the extradition of the eight
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

On the European Path

Turkey might push things to the extremes because it has entered a phase of instability
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Greece and Trump's new foreign policy team

it is imperative that Athens establish channels of communication with the new powerful officials as regards American foreign ...
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

Erdogan’s parallel universe

The EU, the United States and the international community as a whole have very little leverage with Erdogan
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

New divisions

This division is already evident in politics which has sunk to a new vulgar low
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

The thin white line

PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis’s armed intervention on the playing field makes him the personification of our inability to respect ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou

Ayia Napa is not the new Monte Carlo

In order to improve the image and quality of Ayia Napa, the real perpetrator has to be identified because a crime has been ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

Politics Blog

Politics Blog has the inside scoop on all things political, people, and agendas. This issue: buddy Mitchell, the fox of ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

A lingering crisis

Ever since the failed 2016 coup, Erdogan has been looking at the world through the prism of a conspiracy theorist
Michalis Tsikalas Michalis Tsikalas

There is nothing natural about gas debate

There are many interests at stake, of multiple colours since we are dealing with flags, and so there will definitely be ...
Andreas Paraschos Andreas Paraschos

This is it!

Behind the “killing” of various conjectures that made a solution possible, the responsibility of the Greek Cypriot conclave ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Calling on the diaspora

Greek society has simply been in the pressure cooker for too long
Costas Iordanidis Costas Iordanidis

Turkish strategy

Put simply, Turkey is making it clear, and in a brutal manner, that it will not halt the process of Finlandization
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

Edmond About’s ageless Greece

How can a nation with so many skills and virtues be so incapable of creating an effective state