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George Kakouris George Kakouris

Media's impact in Cyprus crisis: Fanning flames or offering relief?

A series of events in recent days, from Chloraka to Apostolos Andreas and then to Pyla, along with the disputes on social ...
Andreas Andreou Andreas Andreou

Apartment sales unveiled. Province-by-province price insights

Today, we are launching a brief series of articles aimed at examining sales prices through a simple province-to-province ...
Marina Economides Marina Economides

Did Cyprus President really party during crisis?

During the summer of 2021, a photo of Nicos Anastasiades with Takis Zacharato and Angela Demetriou went viral for all the ...
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Rocking the boat, a not so Cypriot tradition.

You know, there's been quite a buzz about the whole corruption scene in Cyprus. It's kind of ironic, really – this beautiful ...
George Kakouris George Kakouris

Media's credibility challenged amidst political allegations

I'm interested in a proper investigation of the Kanari - Giannaki dispute, not who's right or wrong.
Maria Eracleous Maria Eracleous

Tourism's dynamic future: Adapting to change from within

It's something we've heard many times from tourism authorities, that 2019 should no longer be used as a point of reference ...
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Freedom and democracy under fire

During the past decade, while Greece and Cyprus faced economic collapse, many of us looked towards the countries of Northern ...
Andreas Georgallas Andreas Georgallas

The controversy surrounding the mobile traffic cams

The introduction of photo enforcement cameras was met with skepticism from citizens right from the start.
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Is there a need for radical changes in civil protection?

The catastrophic fire in Rhodes, a typical and unfortunate example of what is internationally referred to as a mega-fire ...
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How many public servants does it take to boil an egg?

In a hilariously bureaucratic process, boiling an egg in Cyprus' public service requires a series of convoluted steps.
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Alive and kicking! Cyprus' political system under the spotlight

The recent public debate in Famagusta Municipality has become a vital reality check on the state of Cyprus' political system ...
Apostolos Kouroupakis Apostolos Kouroupakis

Apostle Andreas: A sensitive issue of religious space

The work of the Intercommunity Commission for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and its previous leaders certainly do ...
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Embracing digital opportunities for stronger bonds

Digitalization can be a powerful mechanism that brings Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots closer together, provided that ...
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Miss Cypriot Beauty 1971: A journey through time

"This fabric is an old curtain from Ledra Palace," she says, caressing the covering tenderly that she uses to cover her ...
Marina Economides Marina Economides

Cyprus elections: End of a political era?

The Intermediate parties are facing survival problems, introspection, and doubts, despite being part of the coalition government. ...
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A long journey always begins with a small step

The many crises the EU has been facing recently should not let us forget the ongoing pain caused by the open wound of Cyprus’ ...
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Cyprus forgotten: Urgent call for resolution amid Greece-Turkey relations

At a time when there is a clear intention by Greece and Turkey to take steps to improve relations, with Athens and Ankara ...
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Religious treasures rescued from Occupied Territory

Meet the "Super Patriot" who refuses to hear a word about coexistence with Turkish Cypriots or a federal solution.
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ChatGPT's rise sparks academic debates

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence software based on advanced language models, capable of generating texts from corresponding ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Unmasking Turkey's masterful diplomacy

Both the history concerning fuel in the Occupied Areas and the ongoing journalistic investigation, initially highlighted ...
George Kakouris George Kakouris

Gasoline trade in divided Cyprus

The issue of gasoline from the occupied territories is one of the most well-known psychodramas of Cyprus. It is a distortion ...
Pavlos Xanthoulis Pavlos Xanthoulis

Is it about Greek language or presidential contradictions?

In his statements to the Turkish-Cypriot newspaper "Yeni Düzen," as officially reported by the Cyprus News Agency, President ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou

A platform with substance?

George Pamboridis revealed plans for an interactive political reform workshop, unveiling the establishment of a political ...
Apostolos Kouroupakis Apostolos Kouroupakis

Quest for justice in Thanasis' tragic death

Last Wednesday, many people gathered outside Legal Services to support Andriana Nikolaou in her battle for justice regarding ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Moment of truth: Critical juncture for Cyprus

The shift attempted by Turkish President Erdogan, with a backdrop of Turkey's relations with the US, the European Union, ...
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When society turns a blind eye to homeless ''foreigners''

A few hours before expensive Lamborghinis and Ferraris, driven by wealthy "foreigners," start their ostentatious daily progress ...
Apostolos Kouroupakis Apostolos Kouroupakis

Ministry of Culture to launch 'Kypria' pilot for art festivals

We have fully entered the summer, and the eagerly awaited cultural events have either begun or will soon begin.
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Cyprus gov't to pay €345,000 to Turkish Cypriot for illegal use of property

The big news: "Compensation of €345,000 will be paid to a T/C of American origin by the Republic of Cyprus, while also returning ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

The common dilemma of Zelenskyy and Makarios

How and when will the war in Ukraine end? Concerning the “how,” there is relative unanimity among Western politicians and ...
Eleni Xenou Eleni Xenou

Was justice served or denied?

The question raised regarding the decision of the Legal Service not to proceed with criminal prosecution in the case of ...
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EU confronts asbestos-related deaths

A very serious issue that concerns members of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is the use and exposure of citizens ...
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Coordinating efforts for earthquake protection

An earthquake is an event that we cannot prevent or predict when it will occur. What we can do as a state is fortify our ...
Yiannis Ioannou Yiannis Ioannou

Nicosia's push to involve EU in Cyprus problem

When last March, as usual, newly elected President Christodoulides visited Athens in his new capacity as the Greek Prime ...
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Acknowledging borders' critical functions

Migration is a complex issue with various causes that differ across seasons and regions.
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Behind-the-scenes insights in parliament

Journalism is also called the "fourth estate," not because it has institutional power, but because it can function as a ...