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05 August, 2020

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Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

With Israel in Washington

Cyprus not only enjoys Washington’s blessing but also the backing of the strong American Jewish community
Michalis Tsikalas Michalis Tsikalas

Whatever Guterres says he will be met with a yes

Last week was reminiscent of aerial dogfights even though there are essentially no Cypriot fighter jets here. We can put ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Ticking bombs

All Greek prime ministers have to prove that they have the skills of a political bomb-disposal expert
Andreas Paraschos Andreas Paraschos

Brilliance and deprivation in journalism

The kidnapping of the two school boys in Larnaca has put our reflexes to the test, those of the authorities, the media and ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

This is the Balkans

Caught up in an unusual and anti-systemic mood
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

‘No’ vote and abstention in FYROM referendum

Turnout would confirm the legitimacy of the process
Andreas Paraschos Andreas Paraschos

Reality in the face of wicked politics

You can rise above the fray when you pay the ultimate price
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Tsipras’s last card

Then came the “kolotoumba”
Michalis Tsikalas Michalis Tsikalas

Arrogance sends cocky message to kids

Michalis Tsikalas writes about the education crisis, commenting on a show of arrogance that exists in the wider public sphere. ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

We need the new diaspora back

We need people with an appetite for work
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

The fall of a post-junta era symbol

There is currently an unprecedented boom in Greek-American relations
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Knock it down and rebuild it from scratch

Greece needs to be redesigned from scratch
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Requiem for an establishment

Senator John McCain’s funeral was a landmark event. Someone wrote that it resembled a massive tweet against Donald Trump ...
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Come back, support Greece

We are caught between celebrations over Greece’s “clean exit” from the bailout programs on one hand and, on the other, ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Seizing opportunities

Greece needs to play its cards right if it wants to profit from the opportunities arising on the international stage, but ...
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Should we listen to President Trump or the diplomats?

As Greece finds itself faced with a wide range of challenges – from Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean to its relationship ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

The mistakes of Greece’s creditors

A lot has been said about the mistakes made by Greece’s lenders during the bailout programs. The fact is they made many ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

The heavy cost of cowardice

I’ve heard a government minister speak about a vital agency of the Greek state and admit that “there’s nothing that can ...
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Wanted: A respected person for assistance effort

After the cries of despair come the calls for help and the need for long-term support. The victims of the lethal inferno ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

2021, a landmark year

It won’t be long before 2021 is upon us. In three years’ time Greece will be celebrating the bicentennial of its war of ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

The state we’re in

Onasagoras Onasagoras

#PoliticsBlog The imposing Mrs Lute and the moment of truth

Onasagoras takes a look at the Lute visit and as always, there's an inside scoop on the usual suspects
Athanasios Ellis Athanasios Ellis

Holding referendums in FYROM and Greece

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) is moving ahead with preparations for its referendum on the name deal ...
Alexis Papachelas Alexis Papachelas

Investing in knowledge

A growth rate of 1.9 percent is way too small for a country like Greece, especially as the rest of Europe’s performance ...
Costas Iordanidis Costas Iordanidis

No more pretexts

The world will never be the same since Donald Trump was installed in the White House. In a sense, his election was unavoidable. ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

#PoliticsBlog End of an era and Harris’ bitter chalice

Journalists often abuse the term 'end of an era' but in the case of the Cyprus Cooperative Bank, these words totally fit ...
Andreas Paraschos Andreas Paraschos

There is truth behind every crime

We wrote about many war crimes in Cyprus and nobody was moved. Not even governments, not the UN, not even the Red Cross. ...
Opinion Opinion

Mirror images of national agony

When I hear “Macedonia is Greek!” I think of the slogan used by opponents to Irish independence in the early 1900s:“Ulster ...
Onasagoras Onasagoras

#PoliticsBlog - Healthy’s thunder and a warning

Get the inside scoop on political gossip and other happenings right here, including the ‘Healthy one’ landing on the unions ...

Toxic patriotism

The lynch mob attack on Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris – the only way the incident can be described – during a gathering ...

The first modern Islamist fundamentalist conquest of the West?

New revelations expose Turkey stealthily positioning itself to attempt to permanently possess the northern third of Cyprus ...
Nikos Konstandaras Nikos Konstandaras

Europe’s walls and Italy

A coalition government between two Italian parties that are ready to challenge core European Union rules and practices will ...