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DC Comics: New Superman Will Be Bisexual And With Environmental Concerns

John Kent is the new Superman

Source: The New York Times

John Kent is the new Superman. He is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and has a friend who is. Particularly close, the creator of DC Comics revealed on Monday.

This preference of the young Superman is just one of the innovations introduced in the superhero, in relation to his beloved father in the 20th century.

The new series with Clark's son John Kent began airing in July. John, a former Superboy, sets fire to climate change, prevents a machine gun attack on a high school and protests the expulsion of refugees from his hometown of Metropolis.

For so many people, seeing the strongest superhero in comics reveal his orientation is incredibly powerful.

"The idea of ​​Clark Kent succeeding another white straight rescuer seemed like a missed opportunity," said Tom Taylor, author of the series.

He adds that "a young Superman will have to give new battles, with real problems in the world, which he will resist as one of the strongest people in the world."

In a story published in August, Jonathan met Jay Nakamura while Superman was trying to gain a secret identity and go to high school. Jay, an aspiring journalist, met John's parents and was impressed by Lois Lane.

In one of the stories that will be published in November, Jonathan and Jay kiss, while already in October, readers will learn that Jay has special abilities. "Jay may be the only person in John's life that young Superman does not need to protect," says Taylor. "I wanted them to have a really balanced relationship with each other," adds the comic book creator.

The directors of the publishing company had already considered proceeding with such lines of character development, and so they immediately supported Mr. Taylor's ideas in this regard, he says.

"I always said that everyone needs heroes, and it's worth looking at the heroes themselves," Taylor said. "For so many people, seeing the strongest superhero in comics reveal his orientation is incredibly powerful," he said.

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