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A tribute to Andreas Neocleous

Died on October 1st after succumbing to coronavirus

Prominent lawyer, businessman and owner of the Cyprus Mail newspaper Andreas Neocleous died on Friday at the age of 82 after suffering from coronavirus.

A letter of tribute below from close friend Andreas Neocleous.


It is an honour to write this tribute to my cherished friend, Andreas Neocleous,

Andreas was born in Paphos, as a young man, was involved with EOKA, which resulted in him being imprisoned for three years. After being released, he studied law in Athens, and went on to create and continually grow a successful law firm in Limassol. The same firm which is now ranked within the top 100 of the largest law firms in Europe. Andreas’ imprint has led to give Cyprus a presence and credibility internationally.

Andreas made many friends wherever he travelled, locally and abroad, his personality and humbleness gaining him respect from all who he met. Andreas was patriotic throughout all his life endeavors, his knowledge and love of his homeland always shone through.

He and I shared many good times and memories together, both here, and in my country of birth, South Africa. I will miss him and our discussions on many aspects of life, family, business, politics, Greek mythology, fishing and many other topics. I am privileged to have known a man of his stature and wisdom.

Farewell my dear friend Andreas. You were a man who excelled in all aspects of life, and an aspirational figure, someone who was loved and respected by many. A man devoted to his family and a true friend. You will be sorely missed.

May your soul Rest In Peace,

Takis Christodoulou

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