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527000 register with the GHS

Cyprus launches universal healthcare scheme


The universal healthcare plan is running smoothly officials said on Monday.

Several reports also cited problems with registration and delays in visiting general practitioners. Pharmacies have also been on alert to allocate prescription medication. Patients reported that some pharmaceutical supplies were not included in the list of GHS subsidized medications. There were also complains as to the preparedness of public hospitals to handle the logistical and technical changes involved in transitioning to the new system. 

The Cyprus General Healthcare System launched on Saturday June 1st and the event was celebrated by government and citizens alike as a step towards delivering better public healthcare services to the public.

By 13:00 today,  approximately 527,000 beneficiaries had been enrolled in the General Healthcare System (GHS). According to data provided by the Health Insurance Organization, doctors enrolled in the system received 2000 visits and issued 800 prescriptions and ordered 200 laboratory tests.  550 requests for payment claims were submitted by doctors so far. There are 440 pharmacies throughout Cyprus currently participating in the GHS.

Eligible persons can register here. For news and announcements follow the link here. To determine beneficiary status visit the link here.

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