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More than 1000 pharmaceuticals on GHS list

The Cyprus universal healthcare scheme launches on the 1st of June


More than 1000 individual medical drugs have been added to the GHS list of subsidized pharmaceuticals.  Read the detailed list here.

The Health Insurance Organization, the body tasked with implementing the General Healthcare System published today a preliminary list of pharmaceutical supplies that will be offered as part of the GHS. The universal healthcare scheme launches on the 1st of June.

Within the day, the list will be shared with pharmacists and will then be posted on the internet

The deputy director of the HIO, Athos Tsinontidis, said that yesterday was the deadline for firms to submit medicines that they wish to be included in the list of subsidized medication.

''Within the day, the list will be shared with pharmacists and will then be posted on the internet, without that meaning that no other medicines will continue to be added'', said Tsinontidis.

Mr. Tsinontidis also said that work is progressing on signing up medical practitioners for clinical laboratories and pharmacies, for whom the contracts are being prepared and signed, in addition to specialized medics and pediatricians that are gradually joining the scheme.

Checks are also carried out on GHS IT systems to ensure smooth transition, the HIO official said.

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