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Hotel guest wanted by police for unsettled bill

Paphos hotel says Latvian male suspect left without paying dues amounting to 175 euro


A tourist is wanted by police in connection with a non-settlement of a hotel bill worth 175 euro in Paphos district.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), police issued an arrest warrant for a 40-year-old male from Latvia, who stayed at a hotel in Polis Chrysochous and left without settling his bill.

Police told Knews they could not comment on the details of the case or confirm the warrant, citing possible operational concerns in carrying out the arrest.

But CNA on Wednesday said a warrant had been issued for a male suspect who had stayed at the hotel for one week and failed to pay his bill which amounted to €175.

It was not specified in the report whether the Latvian man had paid any other part of his bill and refused to pay more or whether the case involved a disputed amount or incidental charges.

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