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Abandoned hunting breeds dominate stray population in Cyprus

Cyprus Environmental Movement highlights concerning trend and calls for responsible pet adoption and legislative measures

Newsroom / CNA

A significant proportion of stray dogs in Cyprus are hunting dogs, with approximately 85-90% of dogs ending up in shelters belonging to abandoned hunting breeds, reports the Cyprus Environmental Movement.

In an official statement, the organization highlights that the high percentage of abandoned hunting breed dogs is a concerning trend. According to their data, the most common offenders of both the Dogs Law and the Protection and Welfare of Animals Law are individuals associated with hunting activities. However, the statement acknowledges that there are conscientious hunters as well.

The Cyprus Environmental Movement emphasizes the responsibility of those who choose to adopt pets, urging them to ensure that they possess the means to properly care for and sustain their chosen animal companions. Additionally, the statement underscores the necessity for the government to enact and enforce legislation aimed at curbing the abandonment of pets.

Concluding their statement, the advocacy group calls for legislative measures that can effectively minimize the prevalence of pet abandonment, safeguarding the welfare of animals across the country.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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