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Hunting rules go digital. Is it game over for tradition?

Cyprus' Game and Wildlife service urges adherence to reporting 'kills' on new digital app


As hunters gear up for the start of game hunting in Cyprus this Sunday, the Game and Wildlife Service has released a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure a safe and compliant hunting experience. In an official statement, the Service emphasizes the importance of following both written and unwritten hunting laws, displaying respect for fellow hunters and host properties. Additionally, the announcement underscores that the recording of harvested game through the Artemis Cy application is obligatory for all hunting seasons and species.

The announcement as stated:

The Game & Wildlife Service wishes all hunters a productive and secure hunting season, urging those participating in the outing on August 20th, 2023, to fully adhere to established hunting laws and exhibit proper respect towards colleagues and the properties involved. The Service underscores that the use of the Artemis Cy app to document carcasses is mandatory for all game throughout every hunting season.

By enforcing mandatory registration of harvested game, the Service aims to amass more accurate data for optimal game management. This data, immune to dispute, stands as a cornerstone in defending hunting activities in Cyprus.

Regarding the protocol for documenting catches through the Artemis Cy app:

- Users must update the app to access the new menu.
- Bagging birds of prey and palm civets necessitates recording within the 'Regulation IDC' app section.
- For other game birds, recording captures should occur under the 'Game' app point. Declaration of a kill must be made prior to embarking on transport for changing hunting areas or concluding the hunting expedition.

Hunters without access to the Artemis Cy app (non-smartphone users) can enlist a trusted individual with app access to document their catches, entering the required information such as the hunting permit and ID numbers.

In cases where the above is unfeasible, hunters can send an SMS indicating their ID card number, the game type, the number of game taken, and if it's young (N) or adult (E) to the following numbers:

- Nicosia: 99201081 & 99201231
- Limassol: 99201258 & 99201503
- Paphos: 99201946 & 99202286
- Larnaca / Famagusta: 99202463 & 99203228

Furthermore, hunters are advised to:

- Minimize sun exposure.
- Wear lightweight clothing, a hat, and sunglasses.
- Stay hydrated.
- Abstain from alcohol.
- Plan routes in advance.
- Avoid solitary hunting.
- Have a contingency plan.
- Refrain from starting fires in non-designated areas due to hazardous weather conditions.

Lastly, hunters are encouraged to familiarize themselves with permitted hunting areas through the Artemis Cy app and maps, reporting any infringements to the relevant mobile numbers or to the Police at 1414.

Contact details for reporting violations:

- Nicosia: 99445697
- Limassol: 99445728
- Larnaca / Famagusta: 99634325
- Paphos: 99445679

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