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Left for dead in an abhorrent shelter

Dog dies without food or water

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

The coordinator for the Animal Rights Action Group, Anthi Mouzouri, is calling on the public to report shelters and facilities that are unsuitable for the housing of stray or abandoned animals.

The announcement came after a picture circulating the internet showed a dead dog, in an enclosure of a “temporary” shelter in the Famagusta area, without any food or water containers.

We call on the Veterinary finally carry out these inspections in order to stop these cruel acts against animals

The gruesome photo was published by the Ecologists 'Movement - Citizens' Cooperation Party, who stated that the dog “suffered a horrible death after being left helpless and forgotten without food and water in the temporary animal detention center in the Famagusta area.

In a statement, the Party said, “After our intervention, the Animal Police of the Province of Famagusta started an investigation into the new incident of animal killing.

“We remind you that, by law, all local authorities are obliged to maintain appropriate and approved detention facilities for stray animals. However, not only are they not observed but many places are hells and many animals are even driven to death.”

There have been many cases of animal cruelty on the island.  And several facilities that temporarily house animals have been reported as sub-par.

The police and Government Veterinary Services are authorized to carry out inspections and approve these facilities.

“We call on the Veterinary Services, who are the competent authority to inspect and approve the places of detention for homeless animals, to finally carry out these inspections in order to stop these cruel acts against animals…and to fully investigate the incident and bring justice to this soul who had this painful end,” said Anthi Mouzouri


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