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AEK stadium brawl: Fan's magistrate hearing

Panathinaikos fan in custody for AEK stadium brawl

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

A 43-year-old  member of a Panathinaikos fan club, accused of participating in the brawl of August 7 outside the AEK Athens stadium that resulted in the fatal injury of Michalis Katsouris, will appear before an investigating magistrate on Tuesday after his arrest on Friday.

He was reportedly identified by police officers in security camera footage as one of the participants in the group of Croatian and Greek hooligans who attacked AEK fans outside the OPAP Arena on the eve of the Champions League qualifier with Dinamo Zagreb.

The suspect denies his involvement in the bloody incidents and claims that on the evening of August 7 he was not in Athens but on the island of Kefalonia with his partner. According to his defense attorney, he has the ferry tickets that took him to Kefalonia to prove this, and will present them on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, police have reportedly identified 10 more suspects in the security camera footage, most of them AEK fans, and this could lead to more arrest warrants being issued. Among those identified is a man in a red shirt who is seen clashing with 29-year-old Katsouris. A total of 105 people were arrested over the deadly brawl, most of them Croatian supporters of Dinamo Zagreb.

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