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Agios Dometios violations, new invasions threaten Cyprus, says Tsivikos

Turkey's bid to legitimize actions in buffer zone sparks alarm

Source: CNA

The buffer zone is Cypriot territory, and every violation is a new invasion into our lands," said Savvas Tsivikos, the Supreme President of AHEPA, on Wednesday after his meeting with the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulides.

Tsivikos also mentioned that AHEPA's Supreme Convention, next July for the first time in its 100-year history, will take place in Cyprus, specifically in Larnaca.

In his statements after the meeting, attended by AHEPA Governor in Cyprus, George Kallenos, Tsivikos stated that they were briefed by the President of the Republic on the current developments and recent events. "As you know, AHEPA is the largest organization of Hellenism worldwide, and through this organization, we can truly contribute a lot to our national issues and the Cyprus problem," he said. "We continue our struggle for the liberation of Cyprus," he added.

In response to a journalist's question, Tsivikos mentioned that they were informed by President Christodoulides about the incident in Agios Dometios and the ongoing stance of the occupying forces at the Pyla. "Unfortunately, the same effort by Turkey to legitimize certain situations continues," he said, noting that the Republic of Cyprus will take the necessary steps through various channels and in discussions with representatives of foreign countries in the country who can influence the situation.

"It is certainly very worrying because Turkey is essentially trying to legitimize its actions in the buffer zone, which is Cypriot territory. This is very fundamental, and this is our message. It is not foreign soil; it is the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, and every violation is a new invasion into our lands," Tsivikos added.

The Supreme President of AHEPA also mentioned that he had the opportunity to discuss with President Christodoulides the Supreme Convention of AHEPA, "which for the first time in 100 years will take place in Cyprus next July in Larnaca." He thanked President Christodoulides for the cooperation and the desire "so that this Convention will be successful."

He mentioned that they expect many people from abroad, especially from the United States, and that this is a good opportunity "to highlight our national issue, which is the ongoing occupation after 50 years, but at the same time to give our guests and delegates the opportunity to get to know Cyprus up close and become ambassadors for Cyprus and Hellenism in the future.

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