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Akar: Greece warned not to extend over 6 miles in the Aegean

The Turkish Defense Minister continues its threats against Greece should they expand their territorial waters in the Aegean

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has warned that Ankara will not allow Greece's territorial waters to be extended beyond 6 miles.

While inspecting Turkey's new Piri Reis submarine, Akar stated, "It is our responsibility to protect our interests and rights in the Aegean, the Southern Mediterranean, and Cyprus. We are not going to back down. Nothing will be allowed to infringe on our rights."

"6 miles is the most they can extend," he added. We will not accept any expansion of territorial waters beyond this point ". 

Akar said that Turkey has never threatened anyone, including Greece: "They claim that Turkey poses a threat. Turkey threatens nobody. Never have we threatened Greece! Turkey is a strong, good ally."

However, Turkey's defense minister did make new provocative statements in the past. He talked about the (failed) attempt of the Greeks to invade Anatolia in 1919, sending the message "don't get into trouble".

"In 1919, with the encouragement and provocation of some countries, the attempted invasion of Anatolia failed with the National Struggle. We tell them to learn from history, stay out of trouble, avoid new adventures, and don't sacrifice the rights and interests of your own people for the rights and interests of other countries", he stated.

Finally, Hulusi Akar referred to the occupied areas of Cyprus, emphasizing that Ankara will not tolerate any fait accompli or violation of its rights or the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, nor will it allow Greece to continue its provocations against Turkey.

"TRNC" was established; the problem is its recognition. We're still working on it. "We say to Greece, don't make mistakes, don't take wrong turns, and learn from history," he concluded.

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