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Alleged park kidnapper remanded in custody for eight days

The 29-year-old suspect refuses to cooperate with investigators

The 29-year-old man accused of kidnapping minors in a park on April 20th was brought before the Nicosia District Court. As per reports, the foreign national, who has been detained for eight days, is refusing to cooperate with the investigators regarding the case.

The authorities arrested him after an off-duty police officer identified him at the park on Monday morning (8/5) and promptly alerted the Nicosia Police Station, where he was apprehended and handcuffed.

During the investigation, citizens who frequently visit the park provided details and pictures of the suspect.

Referring back to the details of the complaint, the police authorities received a serious complaint about the abduction of minors in a Nicosia park in mid-April. According to the complaint filed on April 20th at the Nicosia CID, an unknown man held the two minor children captive in the park for several hours and demanded money to let them go. The children claimed that he threatened to kill them if they did not pay him.

As per the complaint, he also took their phones and promised to return them the next day in exchange for money. The children were eventually released, and they reported the incident to their parents.

The minors provided a description of the unidentified man, which aided the investigation.

[With information from 24News]

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