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Amygdalia cultural center to host World Storytelling Day celebration

Elenitsa Georgiou unveils fairy tale wonderland at Amygdalia cultural center


Renowned music educator, storyteller, and educational program designer, Elenitsa Georgiou, extends a warm invitation to the community to participate in the upcoming events at the newly established Amygdalia cultural center in Pera Oreinis.

Georgiou, in her recent announcement, highlighted the focus of this month's activities on fairy tales and music, in celebration of World Storytelling Day on March 20th.

The scheduled events include:

Decorating the Amygdalia dress with fairy tales
Participants are encouraged to join in every Saturday throughout March to contribute to the creation of the Amygdalia dress using their own fairy tales and stories. Children and adults alike can write their imaginative narratives on paper provided at the cultural center. These stories will then be wrapped and displayed on a doll to fashion a paper dress inspired by the world of fairy tales for Amygdalia. Additionally, attendees can enjoy board games and explore the enchanting collection of fairy tales available at the venue.

Stories sung concert
On Saturday, March 23rd, at 8:00 PM, the Amygdalia cultural center will host a captivating music concert featuring Paulina Konstantopoulou on vocals and guitar, accompanied by Andreas Papapetrou on vocals, piano, and accordion. More details regarding the concert program will be announced soon on the Amygdalia cultural center Facebook page.

For those interested in attending or seeking further information, reservations can be made by contacting 99044055. The Amygdalia cultural center is conveniently located near Nicosia in Pera Oreinis.

Georgiou, known for her dedication to music education and storytelling, encourages individuals to explore the enriching experiences offered at the Amygdalia cultural center.

Admission to the events is free, with refreshments available for purchase, including coffee, tea, water, and juice.

For updates and additional information, visit the Amygdalia cultural center Facebook page or explore their website at

[With information sourced from Wiz Guide]

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