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Andreas Vyras celebrates re-election as Mayor of Larnaca

Promises to continue development and improve expanded municipality


Andreas Vyras, the mayoral candidate for Larnaca, expressed gratitude and a renewed commitment to hard work and collaboration following his apparent re-election. Vyras, in a statement, emphasized the importance of continuing efforts to further develop Larnaca, which now encompasses the municipal districts of Livadia and Oroklini due to recent reforms.

"The elections end today, from tomorrow we continue our hard work, consultation, and cooperation with everyone to take Larnaca even further forward," Vyras said. He acknowledged the numerous challenges posed by the reform and highlighted the responsibility to deliver a better Larnaca for all citizens, whether they voted for him or not.

Vyras pledged to maintain the focus on projects, cleanliness, and city development. He thanked the citizens of Larnaca for their overwhelming support, noting the significant percentage of votes he received. He stated that he feels a great responsibility to meet the expectations of all citizens, regardless of political affiliation.

"The day does not lend itself to parties and celebrations," Vyras said. "We have to sleep early to wake up early and go to town hall."

Reflecting on his seven-year tenure, Vyras expressed pride in the achievements made for Larnaca but stressed that the hard work would continue with cooperation and consensus. "The way we have been going for the last seven and a half years will not change. Cooperation, consensus, above all for the good of the city," he stated.

Vyras also expressed satisfaction with the apparent victory of Angelos Hadjicharalambous, a close partner in their efforts for Larnaca's development. He emphasized the importance of continued collaboration with all parties and city bodies to make Larnaca a preferred place to live, invest, and visit.

Regarding the development of the Larnaca port and marina, Vyras underscored its priority, promising an upgraded role for the city in this process. He announced plans to appoint an ad hoc city development committee to begin work immediately.

"We are not going to accept that Larnaca will not get what it wants this time," Vyras declared. He assured residents of ongoing and future projects, including the relocation of reservoirs and numerous other initiatives aimed at improving the city.

Angelos Hadjicharalambous, the apparent winner for Larnaca District Municipality President, shared his enthusiasm and readiness to start working towards their goals. He described the election period as challenging yet rewarding, having met many people and learned about their concerns and experiences.

"We will achieve them, we will really bring Larnaca to where it deserves to be," Hadjicharalambous said.

The statements were made at Vyras' headquarters, where supporters, friends, and relatives of the candidates gathered to celebrate their apparent victories.

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