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Another death announced in Cyprus

Cypriot authorities announce no new cases Saturday, another COVID-19 patient dies

Newsroom / CNA

Another COVID-19 patient has died in Cyprus authorities announced on Saturday, while no new SARS-CoV-2 cases were confirmed in the latest results.

According to a press release issued by the Health Ministry on Saturday, a 68-year-old infected patient died Friday night at Nicosia General Hospital. The man was facing health problems and was being treated in the Intensive Care Unit, while official reports said his death was caused by COVID-19.

A total of 25 people positive to SARS-CoV-2 have died in the Republic, with COVID-19 being the cause of death for 18 of them. Twelve of them were men and six women, while their average age was 71.

The latest numbers were based on a total of 2054 tests and therefore the number of confirmed cases remained at 960.

No results were announced out of 43 tests carried out using the contact tracing method, while 117 tests on repatriated people were not concluded

Out of the 2054 tests, 393 of them were carried out as part of a programme for testing 10,000 employees at hair salons, barber shops, beauty parlors, tattoo studios and restaurants.

A total of 1324 people were tested as part of a programme to test 20,000 pupils and school employees, while one test was carried out as part of a programme to test 20,000 employees at the retail sector and at construction sites.

No results were announced out of 43 tests carried out using the contact tracing method, which involves tracking down people who have come in contact with known confirmed cases. Microbiological Labs of General Hospitals carried out 117 tests while no test was concluded for repatriated people.

CNA also reported that 165 tests were conducted at the private initiative while there were results for 11 samples tested in the framework of the programme for people referred by their Personal Doctors and for special groups tested through the Public Health Centres.

Four persons were still hospitalized at Famagusta General Hospital, the reference hospital, as of Saturday afternoon. Moreover, four patients were on ventilators in the ICU at Nicosia General.

According to data published by the Health Ministry, 808 patients (86.5%) recovered until June 4, while 32 (3.3%) have been treated at the Intensive Care Units. A total of 14,296.4 tests have been carried out per 100,000 population.

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