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EU issues '10 commandments' for safe travel

As the EU begins to restart its tourism engines, the Commission issued 10 guidelines to help EU countries coordinate the safe lifting of travel restrictions


 As EU countries gradually lift confinement measures, Europeans may be able to travel this summer, provided the health situation and national restrictions allow.

While people will need to take precautions and follow health and safety instructions from national authorities, the European Commission has come up with guidelines and recommendations to help EU countries coordinate the safe lifting of travel restrictions.

10 Commission recommendations for travelling safely in coronavirus times

  1. Book tickets and check-in online to avoid queues, when possible
  2. Respect social distancing during luggage drop-off, security checks, boarding and baggage claim
  3. Fewer passengers may be allowed on board and you might be asked to sit at a distance from passengers who are not part of your household.
  4. When social distancing is difficult to ensure, you might be asked to wear face masks
  5. Food, beverages and other goods may not be available on board
  6. Transport companies may install protective barriers, for example between passengers and a coach driver. You may be asked to board through the back door
  7. Drivers should open doors automatically at every stop, so passengers don’t have to touch buttons or handles
  8. Stations, ports and airports should guarantee regular cleaning and disinfection and provide sanitising/disinfecting products, including on board
  9. There should be appropriate ventilation on all transport
  10. Passengers can choose between refund or rerouting for cancelled tickets. If the transport company offers a voucher, you still have the right to ask for a refund
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