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Another heatwave alert: Brace yourselves for the sizzle

Met office issues yellow warning as temperatures soar; expect scorching heat and possible showers in the days ahead


Buckle up, folks! The Met Office has issued yet another yellow warning for high temperatures, in effect from 21:00 Sunday evening until 17:00 Monday afternoon. Here’s what you need to know to beat the heat and keep your cool.

The weather forecast:

Seasonal low pressure is affecting the region, turning it into a toasty paradise.

Today, expect mostly clear skies with a side of partly cloudy skies in the afternoon, especially over the mountains. Sea breezes will start light at 3 Beaufort, gradually picking up to 3 to 4 Beaufort, and may even get up to a strong 4 to 5 Beaufort on the southeast coast. The sea will be slightly choppy, so your beach outing might be a bit splashier than usual.

Temperatures will rise to a sizzling 40 degrees Celsius inland, about 37 on the northern coast, around 34 on the southern and eastern coasts, and a relatively cooler 32 degrees on the western coast. The higher mountains will be at a "chilly" 31 degrees.

Tonight, the weather will remain mainly clear, but localized fog and low clouds are expected to form later, mainly in the southeast. Winds will shift to mainly south-west to north-west light at 3 Beaufort, and later to locally variable light at 2 to 3 Beaufort. The sea will gradually become calm to a little rough. Temperatures will drop to around 26 degrees inland, about 25 degrees on the coast, and a refreshing 21 degrees in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead, on Tuesday, the weather will start mainly clear, but during the midday and afternoon, developing clouds might bring isolated showers to the highlands. On Wednesday and Thursday, you can expect isolated showers or thunderstorms in the mountains and inland areas during the midday and afternoon. Temperatures are not expected to change much on Tuesday but will drop slightly by Thursday, though still remaining above average for this time of year.

A fun tip to stay cool:

Think of this heatwave as the perfect excuse to treat yourself to extra ice cream, or perhaps indulge in a spontaneous water fight. Remember, staying hydrated and finding some shade can turn even the hottest day into a fun summer adventure.

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