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Another horse dies in agony at Nicosia track

Animal Party Cyprus furious at state’s veterinary department after lame horse was left to die alone


The Animal Party Cyprus is calling out the state’s veterinary department after a horse that was bleeding from the nose was left to die at Nicosia’s race track.

According to local media, a lame horse was left to die at the track in Nicosia’ Agios Dhometios, with APC issuing a statement saying the situation was out of control with some ten animals being euthanized on a monthly basis.

APC said the lame horse, which was bleeding from the nose, was left to die “without medical care from a veterinarian (because treatment cost is expensive), let alone the cost of euthanasia,” suggesting officials avoided costs for paying a vet as well as the use of a crane.

A photo showed a dead horse covered on the ground, with details suggesting “the animal died without any care, water, or veterinary treatment because the cost, which is more important over here, is too big.”

The party also said it was well known that conditions at the race track were “horrible” due to poor malignance, with horses stepping into potholes with tragic outcomes.

“When is this horrible, criminal, and serious abuse against horses going to stop?” APC asked.

The party also said they had a report from award presenters that proved “injured horses were being euthanatized because of their lameness.”

APC also criticized the state’s veterinary department after the party had contacted a senior official responsible for animal welfare and reported the incident “while the horse in question was dying in agony.”

“Unfortunately nothing was done immediately and no official from the veterinary department visited the track,” APC said.

The party also criticized current equine attitudes in Cyprus, condemning animal owners for viewing lame horses were “useless.”

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